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Lovesick: Zelo

Author: dokidokiscenes

Pairing: you x Zelo

Tags: fluff


*This concludes the Lovesick series! It’s been quite some time but I’m finally finished and I have to say, this is one of my favorites as of writing it. I think it turned out rather cute ^^ I hope you all enjoy!!!*

~ Admin S

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Forget the last week - Bobby x You - One Shot.

Author: dragondeciel-stories

Pairing: you x Bobby

Tag: fluff



‘’What the fuck do you think you are doing?’’ Bobby growled, grabbing you by your wrist and tugging you away from the man dancing right behind you. You almost tripped over your heels as he pulled you away and behind him and glared at the man who stood with an annoying and permanent smirk plastered to his face. He had his arms crossed and was looking confidently back at Bobby with a look you knew was for sure to set him off – you knew him like the back of your hand. Bobby let go of your wrist and stepped forward, squaring up to him. His friends gathered around and few of the dancers circled you all.

‘’Bobby, just stop it.’’ You sighed, stepping forward yourself to tug on his arm; he didn’t budge, but instead he stayed put. You cursed under your breath and rolled your eyes; you really didn’t want to do this right now. ‘’Ignore him, Sungkyu. Come on, let’s go?’’ You tried the other man and he listened to you, glaring right back at Bobby as he turned to you, ready to walk away. You took his hand in yours and ignored another of Bobby’s disapproving growls behind you, but you shouldn’t have. Within seconds of walking away, Bobby grabbed Sungkyu’s arm and pulled him back around, punching him right in the face.

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Get Well Soon

Author: chiwords

Pairing: you x Luhan

Tags: fluff


Chara: Luhan/OC

Genre: romance, fluff

Rate: PG-13

Status: oneshot, complete

It’s been days since Luhan was sick and you were thinking what simple thing that might enlighten him.

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Jealousy? Just Like Salt in Our Food

Author: kpopramblings

Pairing: you x Hakyeon

Tags: fluff, smut


AN: And here is my Hakyeon birthday scenario!! Based on a request (When Hakyeon is jealous) so I hope the anon that requested this is satisfied. ^^

Title is based on a quote by Maya Angelou: Jealousy in romance is like salt in food.  A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.

Story inspired by this post. (Hakyeon is a Cancer)

Warning: Smut in the last quarter of the story but can be read without the smut. Just stop at the “Because I’m fabulous” line ^^

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It Will Work (Part I)

Author: msbigbangshineewritings

Pairing: you x Tao

Tags: fluff

Status: Ongoing


TaoxYou/2903 words/Rated T

A/N: So I know it became pretty lackluster towards the end.  Please bear with me and cross your fingers that I come up with something better for part two.  Enjoy~


You were never aware of your sleeping habits.  Neither was Zitao.

It was just another lazy night at your house.  You were both very grateful for this time together.  It had been months since you’d last seen each other face to face.  You’d gone to one of his concerts, but were quickly ushered away as soon as the media began to swarm.

During that time, Zitao had been training furiously since August of the previous year and you were recently promoted to head of your department.  A.K.A. the fucking manager.

Zitao took you out to one of your favorite shops after he showed up at your door exhausted and sweating.  You threw a towel at his face and immediately shoved him towards the shower.  You tried your best to be frugal while at the shop.  If you saw a shirt or knick knack that you liked that was over 15,000 wan, you secretly put it down.  Zitao insisted on buying as a gift for being away for so long, so he refused to let you near your wallet.  By the time that you went to the register, you only had three accessories.

He cursed himself when he got in the car and ran back into the store.  You assumed he just forgot his keys in there.  Around five minutes later, he walked out to the trunk.  You heard the light crackle of paper bags moving before the heavy slam of the trunk.  He was smiling almost unnoticeably to himself on the ride back to your condo – which you thought was kind of creepy.

When you arrived home, you got to work preparing a dinner from when you were younger – which was apparently one of Zitao’s favorites.

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Love quiz~part 1 (fluffy)

Author: b2utifullscenarios

Pairing: you x Yoseob

Tags: fluff

Status: Complete, 3 chapters



Hello everyonee~~ i am back with a new request^^i hope you like it~it’s in two parts so please anticipate the second part soon too! don’t hesitate to message me giving me feedback or requesting <3

this story is requested by lesii-love

   That day you kept thinkig about him and his sweet smile.You wanted to do your homework quickly so you could call him but you couldn’t concetrate.The aquations you had to solve looked suddenly impossible to solve and the letters on the text you had to read kept messing up and forming his name: Y-O-S-E-O-P.You missed him so much,it’s been a week since you both met and talking through the phone wasn’t enough of course;you wanted to look into his beautifull brown eyes and laugh at his jokes.He was the only one to cheer you up so easily and make you feel happy,like nobody else could.
     You kept peeking at your phone all day making sure he hasn’t called or texted again.Since you couldn’t concetrate on studying,you picked it up quickly and dialed his number,which you knew by heart of course.Waiting for him to repply,you felt like skipping a beat from the excitement.You held your breath unconciously waiting for him to answer when you heard his sweet voice:

”Baby~how are you?”
”Yoyoo”you beamed happily,not caring he found that nickname of yours too cheesy.

You always called him like this when you missed him
and he knew”I am fine and you?”

”Fine here too…”he snickered softly hearing your cute voice” basically i was about to call you”he continued in a sweet tone.

”Really? i did it first”you giggled softly”you’re busy now?”

”Yes for now i am..”you heard him pout while speaking”but later i am free,wanna meet?”he continued happily.

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[ “you can’t leave me” // fap friday // sehun - angst ]

Author: e-x-oismyoverdose

Pairing: you x Sehun

Tags: angst


[ “you can’t leave me” // fap friday // sehun - angst ]

im sorry, i will admit this is kind of rushed but i am feeling a little tired now and might have a nap. but i truly hope you guys enjoyed the first actual fap friday, and the request box is now open, feel free to start requesting~

you watched as he faked a smile around all of his friends, not wanting them to catch on that something was up with the two of you. your relationship had been falling to bits, everything was wrong and nothing was working, in fact the only thing that had kept you with him was the fact that you couldn’t find another place to live, and yet, you had been searching and found a small, functional apartment.

you truly hated to think of yourself without him, he had became a piece of you, and you knew it was going to be hard to shake the heartbreak that you would be left with, but in order to make yourself happy once again, you had to do it, you had to look into his beautiful eyes and tell him that it was goodbye.

your relationship began falling apart when you found out he had put his hands all over another woman, and yet you forgave him. from the time that he came home and told you that he hated seeing your face, of course he wasn’t all to blame, you had also laid hands on him, slapping his smooth face as you told him to leave, but the worst of all was when you both realized that you no longer cherished the other, no longer were either of you able to look each other in the eye, and say the three words that you’s once meant.

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Your Gift to Me

Author: msbigangshineewritings

Pairing: you x GD

Tags: fluff


GDragon/1101 Words/Rated T

It’s not like he expected you to be up at 10:30 PM.  Normally, you’re an early sleeper.  That’s why he tends to sneak in quietly and cuddle next to you as you sleep when he comes over after work.  And it’s pretty regular.  You both sense a day that he would come over.  But sometimes he likes to be spontaneous.

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[JYJ Scenario] Junsu: When You Get Caught Stealing A Kiss~

Author: chuchu-scenarios

Pairing: you x Junsu

Tags: fluff


Hey anon! Haha here is the next member for the JYJ scenario :D Also, ’ ‘ is for when you’re in your thoughts and bold is for his thoughts.————————————————————————————————————

Entering the dance studio you bow to the choreographers that were either chugging down water or chatting with Jaejoong and Yoochun. You’ve always felt out of place when you would visit your best friend Junsu at the studio. Everyone looked so amazing as they sang and danced; never missing a beat. Plus, their looks were outstanding, even when they were dripping in sweat and exhausted. But here you were in a dark grey cardigan, with plain black leggings and black zip up boots watching in awe. You wished you could sing and dance like them; sadly, you weren’t the type to dance very well. Jaejoong noticed you standing awkwardly by the door. You didn’t know whether to go to the other side of the room interrupting all the preformers dancing or remain quietly by the entrance until they were finished. You watch Jaejoong jog towards you grabbing your hand as he led you over to where he and Yoochun were resting. “I can’t stand seeing you over there waiting stiffly.” He said with a smile. “You seem really uncomfortable ________, are you okay?” Jaejoong felt concerned when he would see you act like this, he was like the older brother you never had. “What are you talking about? I’m perfectly fine Jae, don’t worry.” You pushed Jaejoong playfully with a reassuring smile. You always enjoyed calling him Jae, at first he didn’t like it at all since his members or friends would taunt him about it. Over time he adjusted to the nickname so now, he could care less. “Hey beautiful, how you doing?” Yoochun winks at you then wiggles his eyebrows. “I don’t have time for your grease Yoochun.” You jokingly diss him. “Ouch!” Yoochun puts his hands over his heart acting like he was in pain. Jaejoong shakes his head leaving to another room to get away from both your antics. “So where is Jun-” Before completing your question, you see Junsu walk out of the mens restroom fixing his pants. “Junsu-ssi, you’re up next.” One of the choreographers called out as he prepared the music again. “Oh, ________ you’re here.” Junsu smiled brightly at you. “Yeah, I thought practice was over by now.” “So did I, but I guess they still need me.” He paused “I promise after this we can spend some time together, okay?” Nodding silently you watch Junsu run to the center of the dance floor cueing the music.

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Kiseop- Nightmare or a Dream? (Supernatural, Smut: M+)

Author: u-kiss-lovers-united

Pairing: you x Kiseop

Tags: fluff, smut


(Edit belongs to me)


Kiseop’s fingertips softy graze the side of your neck as he pushes your hair away. His lips then lock with your neck and you let out a soft sigh of euphoria.

This has always been a dream to you, yet now it was actually reality. You have always loved Kiseop; even since you were a little child. The feelings you have towards him always seem so foolish, because it always seems he would never reflect those feelings back. Yet here you were, and Kiseop actually said he liked you. That little simple “I like you,” he spoke only a few seconds ago was escalating into heated kisses, and you could barely grasp what the hell was going on.

 Suddenly, Kiseop lifts you up, not breaking away, and takes you, setting you on the very edge of the bed. Pulling away, he pulls your shirt over your head, drags down your shorts, and tosses them to a random area in the room.

'Dear god,' you think, 'this is escalating quickly.'

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