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Jongup- Let Go

Author: rscenarios

Pairing: you x Jongup

Tags: angst


It’s been a while since a scenario has been posted, so I apologize. Writing has been a bit hard for me lately. This request, for when Jongup falls for someone else but realizes that he still loves you, came easily to me as this is actually very much based on something that is happening in my life. That being said, some of this may not make complete sense…but when do break ups ever really make sense? Anyway, there is a little fiction thrown into this as well of course, but a  majority of this is true.

In fact, today would have made it two months of being with D (the boyfriend this is based on).

So, get another look into the complexity that is based on my love life. 

-Admin Em


You know right away when something is up.

Immediately you start to worry about if Jongup is going to leave you. You tell yourself to calm down and not overthink this, that just because Jongup hasn’t held your hand or anything during your time with your friends he’s going to leave you. You let the matter slide for the night until you text him to learn he was distracted that night. He doesn’t want to talk about it though.

You let go of the matter.


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Need Scenarios

I’m all out of scenarios and a few people I’ve asked if I can feature their stories haven’t replied.

If you have a story that you would like to be featured, please submit it or a link to it here —> (x)

Everything is accepted except for ‘trigger warning’ material. (rape, abuse, self-harm, etc.)

Champion: Kai [ft. Tao and Sehun]

Author: biascenarios

Pairing: you x Kai

Tags: fluff


This was inspired by this fan account that I couldn’t resist writing up, hehe. Hope you enjoy!


Before the sun disappeared behind the darkened clouds, you spun the ball in your hands and threw it easily through the hoop. It swivelled around the metal rings before sliding through the net and rolling away as your friends groaned.

“That’s your third goal!” they cried, retrieving the ball. “Are you sure you’re not cheating?”

You scoffed but shot them a grin. “Of course not! What kind of person do you think I am?”

They shook their heads, and you prepared to defend, crouching a little and training your eyes on the faded orange streaks of the basketball. The sky was rapidly darkening as the sun sunk lower behind the clouds, beckoning the stars to shine across its vast opaqueness. The air was cool against your skin, a slight wind ruffling the edges of your hair.

You easily blocked an attempt to score and managed to pick up the ball again, sprinting to the opposite side of the court. Dribbling while throwing faces at your friends, you dodged an attack and swiftly scored another goal.

You laughed as your friends groaned in defeat. The thrill of winning felt just as good as the blood rushing through your veins and the sweat sliding down your forehead.

“One more game?” you offered, bouncing the ball.

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Relieved - Changjo ( Teentop )

Author: sunshine-scenarios

Pairing: you x Changjo

Tags: fluff


You eat your sandwich slowly, more slowly, and more more slowly, as your eyes were focusing on one person in a table which not so far from yours. You smiled widely. You rested your chin on your hand, and still couldn’t throw away your smile.

“God must be in a very good mood when He created him. He’s just way too cute to be real, isn’t him, Changjo yaa?”

Out of blue, your best friend Changjo who used to sit behind you stood up and left you without saying a word. You looked at his back confusedly, as you drunk your coke in hurry before you run to reach him. You kept calling his name as he kept walking.

“What was that? I’m not done with my sandwich yet!”You yelled when you finally reached him.

“You’ll take more than a year to eat that sandwich if you keep eating while looking at him.”

“Wh…what? Excuse me, but that’s exactly what you did too every time you see those girls who wear their niece’s skirt, and I patiently accompany you and your damn pheromone!”

Just like that, you threw away your coke can, and walked to pass him by.

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Author: whispersfromseoul

Pairing: you x Hakyeon

Tags: angst


note: hello beautiful people! I’m back with Hakyeon now :) it’s angst, DON’T KILL ME I promised, Hyuk and Hongbin will be happy, therefore I changed the songs to happy ones! lol well, this song for me screams Hakyeon so, yeah :B if you want, you can listen to Save me from B.A.P. because it helped a lot :)



Suddenly, you grow faint
I can’t seem to say anything

He didn’t want to answer his phone, he felt like was already a dead walker. He still have those dreams, those where he smiles, where he is not damaged. “I can’t let her go…” he kept saying, but he had. He even pretended he hasn’t cried until he falls asleep, he pretended he was going to be alright.

The hurting seemed endless and he could do nothing to stop. She said she loved him, right? He wondered day by day. That doesn’t make sense, he was afraid.

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Trust: Double Nature - Games (Rated M)

Author: storiesbyvinter

Pairing: you x Ken

Tags: fluff, smut


A one-shot featuring Ken from VIXX

Alright, so to celebrate me passing 700 followers (omg seriously? You guys are the best and I love every single one of you! :D), you get a little spin-off from the Trust-collaboration I have with Alex (getyourvixxfixx) and Essem (wth-am-i-writing). 

Happy reading my darlings! Don’t forget I love you, you beautiful people!


(gif-credits to rockurbooty)


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Author: exocentred

Pairing: you x Lay

Tags: fluff


Featuring: Lay
Collection: Pregnancy - 4th Month.

She never thought that after college she would be spending late nights wide awake discussing and debating a project. But when you have an unnamed baby on the way, a stubborn husband and eleven possible choices for the godfather position a simple game of rock, paper and scissors would never be able to shed you some light.

    The fact that you were currently sitting at the comfortable sheets of your bed instead of underneath it at eleven in the evening on a Wednesday night would already be much of a concern, especially considering the fact that you were four months far in the pregnancy, but you couldn’t find another solution for the matter that was bugging you the whole week: How should we name the child?

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Update - Submitting Scenarios

Still have not had any stories submitted to be featured. This isn’t like the contest, everyone will have a chance to be published and not just the winner. The only stories that will be turned away are ones that are considered “triggering”. (Rape, abuse, self-harm, etc.)

Submit your stories by clicking on the guidelines button and then on the “submitting your scenario” link. Or you can click on the link here -> (x)

This is a great way for your blog to be promoted and a chance to gain some more readers. ^_^

Update - Calling for Scenarios!

I am closing the monthly contests out of lack of participation. In the future, I may open them up again but with prizes for winning scenarios. Nothing fancy, maybe some jewelry or funny little toys. For example, I have a glow-in-the-dark zombie foot that grows in water on my desk right now….

I am interested in posting scenarios still though! You can submit here -> (x) or by clicking on the guidelines button on the top left of the page. I’m hoping to get enough to post a new one every week on a ‘first come, first serve basis’. If not, then whenever a new one gets submitted.

I’m still adding writers to the directory. I’ll be going through and deleting bad links so if you changed urls, be sure to let me know. I will also be marking blogs as *hiatus* if there have been no new fics in the past 2 months or if the writer says they are on hiatus. Don’t worry about being turned down, that won’t happen. If I have any questions, I’ll send you a message. If there is a writer that you know of that isn’t listed, let me know so I can send them a message asking to add them.

Thank you ^_^

May Winner

A very cute fic by superkpopcultureme featuring Jaehyo

It Was Fated

As with every road trip, there comes a time where your tires just happen to run flat. It’s not your fault, it’s not Jaehyo’s fault, you just simply need to accept the fact that yes, that just happened.

“Are you kidding me?” Jaehyo’s head dropped down.

Squatting down to look at the tire, Jaehyo had never been so mortified. It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to change  a tire, he just knew that by the time he changed this tire, you were probably going to be ready to go home. Not even three hours into your spontaneous road trip, something has gone wrong and no matter how special he wanted to make this trip for you before you two got busy with college and just life, it just wasn’t going to happen right now.

“It’s fine,” you laughed, watching as his face dropped. “We have a perfectly good spare, Jaehyo.”

You couldn’t help but find this situation amusing. It didn’t matter how meticulous he would plan, something was bound to  go wrong. Even on your year anniversary date, you two had ended up covered in mud due to a surprise thunderstorm in the middle of a romantic date in the wilderness. Yet everything that went astray made it the most memorable. So when you had gotten a flat tire on a back road in the middle of know where, you have learned to live positive and didn’t mind.

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